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The Vision

Once upon a time, two addiction treatment professionals met fortuitously in a local thrift store. One knew addiction as a profession, working for over a decade with people who struggle with addictive illness, helping them learn how to overcome addiction. The other, knew addiction as a reality, beating an illness that once threatened to consume him. Now, sober for over a decade, he worked to share his success and experience with others. Together they had one thing in common, a vision to create the very finest in drug and alcohol treatment; to make the experience life changing, affordable, and successfully bring this healing to people from all walks and backgrounds. Apex was created to break the mold of Residential Rehab, by implementing differing views and perspectives, different medical & psychological models and philosophies, always having an open mind to all peoples experience, both staff and clientele, all with the common goal of treating each individual that comes into our Habitat with best practices, best services, and philosophy that no one is too far gone to discover the answer that will make them well.

The Habitat

Welcome to APEX Recovery.

The Neighborhood:

The beautiful Mt. Helix neighborhood has long been a highly sought after area to live in the San Diego. It is well known for its historic stone amphitheater perched on top which has 360 degree views of San Diego. To the west there are views from Mexico up the coast to the Coronado Bridge and Downtown Skyline and continues to La Jolla. To the east you see the beautiful mountain range that goes as far as the eye can see. Some of the homes on Mt. Helix date almost back to 1900 and are designated historic. The diverse styles of architecture and time frame in which the neighborhood has evolved, gives Mt. Helix an eclectic quality that is one of a kind. Architecture, location, panoramic views, privacy, and style are just a few of the qualities that draw people to this unique part of San Diego.

The Home and Property:

When you walk through the gate at APEX Recovery's Mt. Helix home the unique presence of the property is evident. The bamboo, the hand laid brick paths and courtyards, the tropical landscaping, the view, the privacy, and overall serene feeling the property has are undeniable. The property boasts a large pool and jacuzzi for recreation or exercise, multiple private sitting areas for fellowship amongst residents or private meditation, and most of all the property coveys the ultimate feeling of safety and privacy which allows our residents to settle in and focus on building a strong foundation in recovery.
The home itself is as unique as the property and location. Built in 1951, the home possesses that vintage charm that makes mid-century ranch style architecture highly sought after. Large windows flank the living room with a beautiful interior courtyard on one side and an amazing view of the neighborhood and Mt. Miguel on the other. With the elevated foundation the house hovers over the large swimming pool in the back and feels perfectly perched on the southeast side of Mt. Helix.

The Decor:

The interior of the home plays an important role in the comfort of our residents. Our goal was provide a space that is comfortable, inviting, homey, and unique. Colorful artwork hangs everywhere. Eclectic furnishings add to the inspiring element APEX Recovery possesses. Large chalk boards hang in the bedrooms which allow our residents to express their creative side. Mid Century Modern and Contemporary furniture and art gives our home a youthful vibe that you would expect to find in a Hollywood hills home or Boutique Palm Springs Hotel.

The Rooms:

Apex’s home have male and female bedrooms. Apex has two shared suite and two private suites. Additionally, we offer the option of having an executive suite. These suites have separate closet spaces, individual bathrooms with dual sinks, full bathtub s, and décor that add to the overall charm of this highly designed home. All rooms are quiet, private and offer views of the patio’s, courtyard or swimming pools. Clientele will also be made comfortable with full housekeeping services to ensure their stay is no different than a high end bed & breakfast.

Photos courtesy of William Smith

Affordable Luxury Rehab Costing Thousands Less Than Most Luxury Rehabs, Most PPO Insurance Accepted!

The Paradigm

Apex recovery utilizes a holistic, integrative psychological approach that utilizes evidence based treatment approaches.

Apex is comprised of Doctoral licensed and certified staff that provide numerous individual treatment sessions, both medically and psychologically. Our core treatment program utilizes components of Motivational Interviewing & Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. These therapies are highly successful and proven to work in many peer reviewed studies. Our therapists are trained and utilize these treatment methods in their assessments, therapies and discharge planning. Additionally, Apex offers two distinctive physician consultant tracks. Our Integrative and holistic medical track, and our traditional addictive medicine consultation track. Both of our physician consultants are highly regarded in their fields and have immeasurable experience in successfully treating patients. Finally our program consists of holistic services designed to help people recover from addictive illness. These services include yoga, meditation, peer group recovery, yoga, fitness, and esthetician services. Our goal at Apex is to get every participant feeling, looking and being their best.

Psychological Treatment:

Motivational interviewing is a counseling approach created by clinical psychologists Professor William R Miller, Ph.D. and Professor Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D. The concept of motivational interviewing evolved from experience in the treatment of problem drinkers and was first described by Miller in an article published in Behavioral Psychotherapy. The therapy accepts the fact that clients who need to make changes in their lives approach counseling at different levels of readiness to change their behavior. Some patients may have thought about it but not taken steps to change it while some may be actively trying to change their behavior and may have been doing so unsuccessfully for years. Motivational interviewing is non-judgmental, non-confrontational and non-adversarial. The approach attempts to increase the client's awareness of the potential problems caused, consequences experienced, and risks faced as a result of the behavior in question. Alternately, therapists help clients envision a better future, and become increasingly motivated to achieve it. Either way, the strategy seeks to help clients think differently about their behavior and ultimately to consider what might be gained through change. Motivational interviewing focuses on the present, and entails working with a client to access motivation to change a particular behavior, that is not consistent with a client's personal value or goal. Warmth, genuine empathy, and acceptance are necessary to foster therapeutic gain within motivational interviewing. Another central concept is that ambivalence about decisions is resolved by conscious or unconscious weighing of pros and cons of change vs. not changing.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is model of psychological counseling that was developed in part by famed practitioner Aaron Beck in the late 70’s. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or –CBT- are based on the theory that in the development of maladaptive behavioral patterns like substance abuse, learning processes play a critical role. Our clients in CBT learn to identify and correct problematic behaviors by applying a range of different skills that can be used to stop drug abuse and to address a range of other problems that often co-occur with it, namely anxiety and depression.
A central element of CBT is anticipating likely problems and enhancing a person’s self-control by helping them develop effective coping strategies. Specific techniques include exploring the positive and negative consequences of continued drug use, self-monitoring to recognize cravings early and identify situations that might put one at risk for use, and developing strategies for coping with cravings and avoiding those high-risk situations. CBT also utilizes recording of specific thoughts and outlining how to change them to properly effect and regulate mood. CBT is a fundamental and core component of Apex’s treatment program.

Medical Treatment:

Detoxification is the beginning component of our program. Drug detox is the processes by which we help your body comfortable rid it of poisonous and harmful toxins and help the brain readjust as a result of long term drug abuse. The purpose of drug detox is to provide your body with a physical and mental readiness to battle the disease of drug addiction by relieving physical dependency from drug abuse.
Apex Recovery’s detox is individually tailored to the individual’s drug addiction situation, including drug history, length of drug abuse, medical conditions, co-occurring disorders, among other things. If an individual suffers from alcohol addiction, then alcohol detox would be the first step in their alcohol treatment program. Opiate detox, heroin detox, cocaine detox, and prescription drug abuse detox are all specific drug detox methods prior to drug treatment. Apex works to help all in-coming participants comfortably and calmly break the physical bonds of addiction. We do so patiently and gently, utilizing a high level of training, expertise, and supervision to ensure complete safety and comfort.
Drug detox breaks the physical addiction to an individual’s drug of abuse by physically cleansing the body internally. By doing so, you are purging your system of the drug entirely so that it is no longer physically or chemically dependent. All withdrawal symptoms and psychological aspects that typically accompany the drug detox process, which can seem scary and discouraging, are addressed by our physician consultants that monitor and supervise your drug detox progress. We then can begin doing the work at hand including treating dual diagnosis and ensuring that each person’s body starts the process of healing from the inside out.

Integrative Medical Track:

Apex Recovery’s Integrative Medicine Track embodies the philosophy of Integrative Holistic Medicine, addressing care of the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. This model of health care reaffirms the relationship between provider and patient. It is grounded in evidence-based medicine, utilizing all appropriate therapeutic approaches. At Apex Recovery, we believe 1) optimal health is the primary goal, 2) individuality is key, and 3) all experiences are learning opportunities. Our Integrative Medicine Track is designed to allow residents to tap into their bodies’ innate healing abilities. By participating in this unique program, residents will learn how to reconnect their bodies, minds, and spirits. The Integrative Medicine track supports a greater integration of all treatment modalities, allowing residents to better understand their own reasons for substance use in a more holistic way. Apex Recovery’s Integrative Medicine Track is led by Dr. Laura Sobieck, D.O., ABIHM. Participants in the Integrative Medicine Track will undergo a comprehensive, integrative consultation with Dr. Sobieck, and will continue to have weekly visits with her throughout their stay at Apex Recovery. During the initial consultation, Dr. Sobieck will identify key areas of health which residents are interested in improving and develop individualized treatment plans to optimize wellness. Treatment options may include:

  • Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
    1. Treats physical pain without the use of medication
    2. Balances autonomic nervous system
    3. Improves sleep
    4. Addresses physical symptoms of psychological diseases like anxiety and depression
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
    1. Diagnoses constitutional type (dosha) and imbalances
    2. Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations based on individual constitutional type
    3. Recommendations support ongoing detoxification and healing process
  • Yoga
    1. Connects mind-body-spirit
    2. Recommendations for physical poses (asanas) will empower participants to regain control of their bodies
    3. Options to participate in 1:1 sessions with Dr. Sobieck and weekly onsite group classes
  • Meditation
    1. Allows for a "calming of the mind" and retrains the brain
    2. Teaches participants to regain control of unwanted thoughts and impulses
    3. Promotes more restful sleep
  • Recommendations for dietary supplements
    1. Emphasis on replacing key nutrients that are lost or poorly absorbed during substance use
    2. Promotes detoxification and healing process
  • Massage

Addiction Medical Track:

Apex Recovery’s Addictive Medical Track focuses on how the body needs to recover from specific drugs and alcohol. Dr. Geno Salerno, M.D. has worked for over 30 years as a physician . His background in Internal Medicine and Addition Medicine lends the perfect perspective for overall body health when dealing with addictive illness. Dr. Salerno shares his own struggles with past addiction and his battle and eventual overcoming of the malady. Dr. Salerno’s methods, humor and personality make him a patient favorite and allow him to treat addictive disorders effectively, Addiction medicine focuses on both discomfort remedies and effective management of preventive health concerns in general. While addictive disorder issues are often complex, they often include nutritional, psychological, social and biological aspects of addictive behavior. Apex Recovery’s medical treatment moves beyond basic detoxification of addictive substances, towards achieving optimal health and quality of life free from illicit drugs or alcohol. Our program is comprehensive and thorough with a personalized plan specific for each one of our patients.
Apex Recovery works with Suboxone as an agent of detox for opiate dependence. Evidence shows that utilizing Suboxone correctly, greatly aides in successful treatment, as well as reduced relapse, and overdose episodes. Dr. Salerno is a licensed Suboxone –or buprenorphine- provider.

Alternative Treatment:

As part of Apex Recovery’s Integrative Treatment Program, complimentary treatments are given to all our guests. These are done to rebuild, refresh, and create comfort for our residents, making leaving addiction behind a calm, peaceful and even enjoyable time. Alternative therapies include any non-traditional medical treatment, including massage, yoga, meditation, licensed esthetician to perform stress relieving facials, and fitness training.
Apex has worked hard to provide our residents above and beyond what most facilities provide, and do so at a price people can afford, and always accepting most PPO insurance. We believe that everyone deserves care, comfort and luxury. Our program was designed to help people get sober but do so in a way that is gentle, effective and even enjoyable. Our Alternative Treatments focus on these goals.

The People

Meet our team!


Fred Bowen : Chief Executive Officer

Fred Bowen

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Matthew Bruhin : Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Matthew Bruhin

Chief Clinical Officer

Collins Elmore : Director of Marketing

Collins Elmore

Director of Marketing

Alexandra Barclay : Administrative Assistant

Alexandra Barclay

Administrative Assistant


Dr. Sean House : Primary Psychologist

Dr. Sean House

Primary Psychologist

Dr. Geno Solerno : Addiction Physician

Dr. Geno Solerno

Addiction Physician

Dr. Laura Sobieck : Integrative Physician

Dr. Laura Sobieck

Integrative Physician

Ma’at Xi : Primary Therapist

Ma’at Xi

Primary Therapist

Brenna Rich : Family Therapist

Brenna Rich

Family Therapist

Steven Saing : Medical Assistant

Steven Saing

Medical Assistant

Brittany Sisneros : Medical Assistant

Brittany Sisneros

Medical Assistant

Erica Cousins : Medical Assistant

Erica Cousins

Medical Assistant

House Staff

Angela Hunt : Lead Residential Technician

Angela Hunt

Lead Residential Technician

Brandon Parkhurst : Residential Technician

Brandon Parkhurst

Residential Technician

Brooke Berwald : Resident Technician

Brooke Berwald

Resident Technician

Meredith Williams : Intake Coordinator

Meredith Williams

Intake Coordinator

Ed Fink : Yoga Instructor

Ed Fink

Yoga Instructor

Jordan Wagner : Chef

Jordan Wagner


Aria Leitner : Massage Therapist

Aria Leitner

Massage Therapist

The Cuisine

Our Food Philosophy.

Executive Chef Jordan's philosophy on food is one of mixing cultural tradition and contemporary new cuisine. He believes that, while the United States is a wonderful mix of cultures, the identity of each cultures' food and cuisine can be lost in Americanized versions of food. While these versions of world cuisine can be easier, and cheaper to produce, they generally sacrifice the authenticity, quality and tradition that was bestowed upon them from their country of origin. In Chef Jordan's eyes, this is completely unacceptable as the sheer variety of cuisines that makes the United States wonderful for culinary diversity is ruined by laziness and cutting corners.

During your stay at Apex Recovery, you'll have food made the way it was intended to be made using methods found all over the world. It will taste the way it should so that each dish is truly unique and different from the next. You won't be having anything plain that's been made the exact same way by 20 different restaurants here. Made possible by small local suppliers not overseen by large corporations, Jordan intends to create gourmet, farm-to-table cuisine that will redefine what you and your stomach know about food.

In addition, Jordan enjoys combining uncommon ingredients in uncommon ways. Food can't evolve by being made the same way without any change, but it can remain true to its origins. With this in mind, the Chef will create food that is presented in an uncommon way, while tasting better in an uncommon way using combinations such as apples and raisins with filet mignon, fennel with persimmon and lime, maple and mustard, and mint with blueberry. Using all organic ingredients, Jordan is sure you will be delighted and if not, it will be his pleasure to make something more to your preference.

It is the mission of the Executive Chef to use organic ingredients when possible because it is his belief that organic ingredients really do taste better than food that is created using genetic manipulation for mass production in large quantities. These methods are used to control cost, appearance, and uniformity but as a result, don't offer the best in terms of quality. By also utilizing farmer's markets and food coops, Jordan hopes to give you an unforgettable culinary experience.

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